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Legal notes for access and use of the website:

Please read closely the following conditions of use as it regards all visitors to the site. If you decide to use this site, you agree to respect the following indications. 

Responsibility regarding the content information on the site

This site is managed by the EcoOne whose headquarters is in Grottaferrata (Rome, Italy), Via Piave, 15. The only aim of the site and its content information is of informative nature and EcoOne makes every effort to provide precise and updated information.  However, regarding the news on this site, EcoOne does not assume responsibility for or insure completeness of such. EcoOne reserves the right to modify the site and the information within it in any moment and without warning.

EcoOne is not responsible for eventual damage, direct or indirect, arising from access to the site

The user of the site is deemed the only one responsible for the data and information he introduces onto the site, for the opinions expressed in the discussion areas, both public and private, and for all actions which in any way allow for interaction with other users or with the site

Property rights

The entire content of the site is the property of EcoOne and is covered by the Creative Commons License, unless otherwise specified.

Creative Commons License This work is published under the Creative Commons License.

Links to other sites

Links to third party sites are published on this site solely for the convenience of the user. EcoOne does not express an opinion about the content of such sites and is not responsible for the information contained in them.

Expert Opinions

This site may contain the opinions of experts, and EcoOne is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the information provided by them.

Guarding your privacy

EcoOne guards the privacy of the visitors of the site In relation to the site, EcoOne will use the identification information of the visitors when it is voluntarily provided. Providing personal data lends itself to the consent of its gathering, use, storage and elaboration for internal use. The data gathered will be used for:

  • the control of access to the site;
  • the updates and new items on the site;
  • the elaboration of statistical data related to the various services available on the site.

For further information, it is possible to consult the document related to the norms about privacy.

If the visitor does not wish to receive further correspondence and/or email from our part, he or she may send an email or letter specifically informing us of such request.

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